Member Info and Calendar

We really appreciate our members support and look forward to a great season at RWGC. As we continue to build and update our website, we want this page to be your source for all things Red Wing GC. Brittany, Brent and Paul will update regularly.

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Come out and enjoy a night of fun. Nothing competitive, just 9 holes, good company, tasty food and maybe a few adult beverages. Sign up is located in the golf shop or by calling us at 651.388.9524. Summer cocktails, great selection of craft beers, homemade pizza and Chef J’s Fish Fry. $15 Members/$25 Non Members includes golf, cart, drink ticket, and prizes.

Just an update on our expansion at Red Wing GC…our parking lot will be paved and stripped and here is the schedule:

Friday August 23         Parking lot closed

Saturday August 24     Lot Open

Sunday August 25       Lot open

Monday August 26 thru Friday August 30    Lot closed

During the closure, our golf course and Nineteen Bar+Grill will be open normal hours. We ask that you park on 6th Street and walk through the Walsh House yard, behind 18 green and to the clubhouse to check in.  

Please keep in mind this is subject to change based on weather and other factors. Please call the golf shop at 651.388.9524 for most updated information. Thank you again for your patience and understanding as we continue to upgrade and improve your experience here at RWGC for years to come.


Golf Course Outings…Please check with the golf staff for more details.

June 7 Course Closed till 5:30

June 10 Few early tee times available before 8:00 am. Course closed from 8:00-5:15 pm.

June 21 Few early tee times available before 7:30 am. Course closed from 7:30-6:30 pm. Restaurant closed all day.

July 1 Course closed till 12:30 pm

July 16 Course closed till 5:30 pm.

August 2 Few tee times from 7:00-7:30 am. Modified Shotgun at 7:45. Course closed till 10:30 am.

August 3 Few early morning tee times prior to 7:30 am. Course closed from 7:30-6:00 pm.

August 17 Tee Times booked 11:00 am-1:00 pm

September 7 Tee times available 7:00 am-11:30 am. Course closed from 11:30-5:00

September 9 Few early morning tee times before 7:30. Course closed from 7:30-5:30 pm

September 16 RWGC Sr. Cup Matches AM tee times

September 19 RWGC Sr. Cup Matches AM Tee times

Dates and times subject to change. Please contact the golf shop at 651.388.9524 for most current information.